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Since the Company was founded General Contractor Team has built a business based on the core value of Customer's satisfaction and the timely completion of the jobs entrusted to us. These values guide our conduct on the market place.

We tackle tough jobs but deliver results, even under pressure. In the process, we always have our eyes set to exceed expectations while honouring our commitments. We are driven by this inner passion to do what is right for the community that we are part of.

Every employee in General Contractor Team has a vested interest in living up to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We firmly believe that our culture and core values make us different and have contributed to our record of success.

General Contractor Team aspires to be the best company in its field of business, a company that creates value for its customers by delivering high quality work on time. Over the years we have learned that extraordinary companies have extraordinary goals. We have placed the bar high and our dedicated team of people has always been able to surpass the goals set.

We employ the best people, we nurture them, we enable them to succeed and they make our success.

In a prosperous economy fuelled by the oil boom, General Contractor Team was in a position to participate in the execution of some of the most prestigious and landmark projects in the.

General Contractor Team flagged off its international operations by participating. The company opened a branch office.

With growth, expansion became inevitable. So it was only natural that the company increases its capital. Thus from an initial capital of SR 500,000 (US$ 133,000), the capitalization was increased twice to bring it to the present level of SR 100 Million (US$ 26.6 Million).

Today, General Contractor Team is engaged in complex turnkey projects. With a long history of broad and diversified experience, and with the constant support and dedication of an experienced team of engineers and personnel, General Contractor Team is participating in internationally recognized Mega projects such as the Riyadh metro project. The sheer variety of the projects undertaken over the last three decades has enabled General Contractor Team to be recognized as a leading Saudi construction company with international capabilities

General Contractor Team stands committed to its mission of excellence and to continue participating in large complex infrastructure projects, either drawing on its own strength or by collaborating with foreign and local contracting firms.

To this end, General Contractor Team continues to invest on quality end projects, creative engineering solutions and a pro-active approach for total client satisfaction.

For long, General Contractor Team has been playing a lead role in construction projects and infrastructure development programs of the region.

An experienced and professional management team which insists upon the highest professional standards and a full-time staff of almost three thousand people has enabled the company to successfully prove its expertise in a number of challenging projects.

Time and again, tight deadlines have been imposed and met. Also, the most technically advanced and ambitious projects have been undertaken and successfully concluded.

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